Gallery - South Hams coastline paintings and seascapes

Part of my on-going project painting around the South Hams coastline. I love drawing en plein air and sometimes finish a pastel on the spot. Sometimes I take the drawing and work it into a painting or larger pastel back in the studio.

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Seascapes: Devon, Brighton and Greece
Slapton Ley and Dartmoor (Poets and Painters Group)

 South Hams/Dartmoor landscapes

 Shropshire landscapes

I made a whole series of landscapes around Kinver in Shropshire when I  near lived there between 2004 - 2008. I revisited the area in 2014 and developed the work further, seeing it through  slightly different eyes after living in Devon. The Sheepwalks (as they are known) are ancient trails made by the shepherds driving their sheep along the ridges, now frequented by walkers and nature lovers. The sheep still graze. Worcestershire is on one side of this ridge and Shropshire on the other. This is a part of England that is still unspoilt and timeless. I will probably return there again to work on the same theme.
'Kinver Edge revisited'  Mixed mediadia
'                        Sheepwalks revisited' - Mixed media  

Gallery - Landscape - Greek Odyssey 2010 

 Gallery  -  Portraits

I regularly make portraits of models and friends. I have been making a self portrait once a year since 2002, and will continue to do so as long as I can hold a pastel.

Life drawing and sculpture